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Post  rlinux on Mon Mar 24, 2014 10:59 pm

Seems like this forum has been inactive for quite some time. But I would certainly hope if anyone could give me hand if you saw this post. I have a Vietnamese girlfriend but the way we communicate is really making us both frustrating, there has been quarrels where we both just decide to keep quiet instead. But after some time, I decided to seek help from people who may be able to translate so me and her can initially solve our issues. Please kindly translate below:

I notice we both have communication problem, not knowing why you are angry at times, nor you know why I am angry at times. Sometimes I know it is very hard for us to communicate, but trust me, I am trying hard to understand you. Which is why I wanted you to explain to me slowly each time. I don't know if you are actually serious in our relationship, but to tell you the truth, I really do.

Throughout the time when you were back to Ho Chi Minh, and that you said you lost your phone. I tried many ways to look for you. I waited everyday hoping you would call, until a day when you suddenly called. Now that you are back to Malaysia, I really hope we both can work something out together. Being in a relationship, it is utmost important to trust each other. I hope no matter how much you heard outside that I have other girlfriend, please choose to believe me that you are the only one.

At times, you as my girlfriend, I get worried when you do not answer my call, do not return my call, do not return my SMS. Especially your work is to drink, I get extra worried that you got into an accident or something. I really hope that you will take the initiative to return my calls or SMS to at least let me know that you have reached home. Put it this way, if you tried to call me many times, SMS me many times and I did not reply, how would you feel? I am saying this because I really care about you. I hope you understand.


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